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We’re here to talk to you about the holy trilogy; songs, snow and snowboarding. It’s a combination that was made in heaven to make snowboarders happy in life.

What else is in your bag of tricks besides a kick-ass snowboard playlist to keep that stoke level at an all-time high? Well, it has to be the snowboard jacket, especially if it has an inbuilt media pocket. Change the song at the top of the run with easy access thanks to the jacket's epic features, then drop in, cosy and warm and feeling on top of the world.

what to listen to while snowboarding

It can be a controversial topic to listen to music whilst riding because it can be dangerous, as you are not aware of your surroundings. You have to pick and choose the times to listen, perhaps when it’s not so busy at low season or only wear one earphone so that you can hear people around you. Once you have taken your necessary safety precautions, all there is to do next is pop on the best tunes that will get you pumped for riding and get you into the rhythm.

Creating the ultimate playlist

When creating the ultimate playlist, you need to consider what kind of vibe you are going for and what will motivate you. Different days on the mountain require different vibes of songs. 

Powder days

powder days

There are some days you spend on the mountain that remind you why you ride, why you love the sport and the mountains. These days are the powder days, the aftermath of a fresh dump of snow leaving behind a fluffy, white layer. These days require you to get up early, get dressed, power up with a solid breakfast and get on the mountain for the first lifts before everyone else ruins the untouched powder.  So, what needs to accompany such epic occasions is a cracking playlist that will get you jumping out of bed and powering through whilst your legs work hard through the thick pow. These occasions call for deep house, techno, dance and maybe some rock. Some great tracks that have been trialled and tested here at Ridestore are: Chase the Sun- Planet Funk   Basically anything by Flume  Saltwater- Chicane I can’t stop- Flux Pavillion Feel the fire- Eli & Fur Search on Spotify- Truly Deeply House You get the idea… these tunes need a strong beat, be uplifting and have a good rhythm to help you stay on track whilst you bounce through the snow. These will also be the songs that get you pumped in the gym all year round, to train hard so you can enjoy these power days, which tend to be tough on the old legs. 

Piste days

piste days

For piste days, you maybe after a different vibe to your powder days. You are cruising on the pistes, travelling serious miles across the valley and picking up some mad speed. These days can be just as fun as the powder days when you are blessed with a bluebird and sprinkled with pit stops at mountain restaurants and bars. You need songs that reflect the high energy and the fun that is felt with a piste day, so we vibe electronic and dance-pop. The beats are a little tamer than the powder day songs and less intense, with more words and more attitude. Some great examples:  It’s only- Odesza  All four walls- Gorgon City Afterglow- Wilkinson  You and me- Disclosure & Eliza Dolittle Anything by Subfocus  Adieu- Tchami  Search for on Spotify- Snowboarding Playlist  The songs for a piste day need to keep your spirits high and your patience strong, as you wade through the others on the mountain and wait in queues every 10 minutes. 

Skiing with friends

skiing with friends

This is not a type of boarding or anything to do with the weather or the quality of the snow; it’s all about making memories with your riding crew. There is no better feeling than having a good solid group of like-minded people when on the mountain. Everyone wants to do the same thing, go to the same places and have similar levels of ability. Having a good crew can make a day on the mountain even more special. With this, you need some good tunes in the background that reflect the fun vibe of the day. Just picture you and your friends weaving in and out, singing along to a great song. The best way to reflect these days are the songs you will inevitably be belting out with a beer in your hand come 5pm- those feel-good songs that everyone knows the words to. Some song ideas cultivated from many an evening spent at Apres Ski are:  Levels- Avicii House Work- Jax Jones Mr Brightside- The Killers Can’t Stop- Red Hot Chilli Peppers 90’s R&B Search for on Spotify- Cocorico’s Val D’Isere playlist

Chairlifts/ travelling

Although these songs are for when you’re not actually boarding, they are for the other important moments, where you sit back and appreciate the mountains and the snow. Those moments on a long chairlift or gondola when you can take a moment to breathe, chat with your friends, and look at the amazing views and reflect.  These songs are also needed for the times travelling to and from your winter break, driving up the mountain and walking around the resort. These tunes get you excited for the days ahead on the mountain but also a reminder to relax and chill out. For these times, we suggest indie, folk, tropical house and basically anything with a guitar and low deep voice from a guy with a beard.  Younger- Kygo Keep your head up- Ben Howard Dreams- Fleetwood Mac Snow (Hey Oh)- Red Hot Chilli Peppers Porcelain- Moby Meet me in the woods- Lord Huron Search on Spotify- Happy Folk 


If you are contemplating listening to music whilst boarding and need some inspiration to get you started, then here you have a breakdown of different vibes and tunes to get your ultimate playlist off the ground. It will develop and change as you go along, with new additions each trip and adapt to make it your own. But either way, you are creating memories with these songs. The best part of your kiss-ass playlist is how on those sad Monday mornings in the office, the unmotivated days at the gym and the spring blues once the season is over, they will stand as a constant year-round reminder of those epic days on the mountain, the great memories with friends and the good vibes.